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  I always knew I wanted to join a sorority when I came to college because a lot of my family members were Greek. At first I was seeking a home away from home and lifelong friendships but after joining Delta Zeta I found so much more than that. Right away I became immensely involved in my chapter and held up to eight leadership positions! The idea of being president was there but I never thought I would actually hold the position. Becoming president of my chapter has been exhausting yet rewarding and really is the cherry on top of my sorority experience here at Texas State. – Sydney Trei (President)

Why I went Greek!

I went Greek because my mom, grandpa, brother, and tons of my older friends were Greek and I had always heard about how great and strong this “sisterhood/brotherhood” was and I wanted to see for myself what all this hype was about. When I went through formal recruitment in the fall of 2014, it was truly an amazing experience, not just because I feel in love with ADPi, but because I got to meet so many genuine people in all chapters that I still know and talk to all the time. When I first went to Alpha Delta Pi, I fell in love, not with the decorations, but the pure authenticity all the girls portrayed. I could tell they weren’t just asking me questions to keep the conversation going but because they actually cared to get to know and connect with me. My mom was also an ADPi in college so the thought of having that special bond with her along with all the amazing connections and conversations I had with so many ADPis, I knew it was my home and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to be a member of such a strong sisterhood. I chose to take on the position as President because so many of my sisters kept telling me I should and the sole fact that my sisters and best friends thought I was capable of holding such an important position gave me the courage and confidence to take on this position, and I am so grateful for this opportunity. When you have a support group of 200+ amazingly strong, independent, and intelligent sisters, truly anything is possible. I truly believe going Greek is an incredible experience and it’s even more incredible if you go in with an open mind and let your heart lead you to join the chapter you feel the most comfortable at, because there’s a chapter for everyone and I’m so thankful I found my home at Alpha Delta Pi. – Rachel Moon

Why I went greek!